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Thread: A ladder avatar? wassup wid dat??

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    Cool A ladder avatar? wassup wid dat??

    I'll guess that Someone out there wonders why my avatar is a ladder top...

    Well, I was given a 10 ft tall Stepladder, that was deemed worthless by the prev owner, BECAUSE......
    Some idiot set it down on its side in some corrosive substance that ate through the angle that connected the top step to the A- frame sides!

    I took the ladder, & said thanks. (He was glad to be rid of it..). Got it back to my hangar, de-acidified it with baking soda, drilled out what was left of the rivets, and
    cut myself, a piece of 1.25" Aluminum angle marked and drilled that, and put it all back together with AN4-4 countersunk Aircraft screws washers and locknuts!
    It works like new!,
    I then took some photos for posterity.

    Now what to do .....?

    Yeah That's the ticket ! You guessed it!!

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    I get it. Here's why. A lot of us have that 1 special thing we have either done owned or seen which we feel close enough to or simply decide we like it enough to be our avatars. Mine happens to be a Du-more II verse a mill. It is a rare enough tool that many even some old-time machinists have not heard of them. I literally found the one I had under a pile of trash in an abandoned building being torn down, along with a 4 ft way bed made by du more. While I had it I used it as a mill a lathe a surface grinder and a line boring machine it truly was a versatile machine wish I still had it

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