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Thread: Large Fly Cutter Build

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    Large Fly Cutter Build

    Here are some photos and a link to the Youtube video of the build.
    The finish was as smooth as glass, I ran it at 320, 420 and 800 rpm
    the scrap in the pic was the test piece . More info in the Video
    Brian Stanga

    Large Fly Cutter Build-2016-01-01-01.14.46.jpg Large Fly Cutter Build-2016-01-01-01.15.57.jpg

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    Thanks bstangaPat! We've added your Fly Cutter to our Machining category, as well as to your builder page: bstanga's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    That is a monster fly cutter and very well made. It produces a nice finish and for its size, it must throw chips way across the room. The 1144 SP is good choice of material for this type of tool. I also like your use of a lathe carbide insert holder and you can swap the carbide inserts with the T15 HSS equivalent sized inserts made by AR Warner (these only need sharpening on the top surface) if you need HSS.
    Thanks for the video, it really helps with the build techniques, Paul

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    Hi bstanga. The fly cutter is awesome. The use of a lathe insert holder is very clever. LyleD

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