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Thread: Lathe tool holder epiphany.

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    Lathe tool holder epiphany.

    I made several tool holders for my lathe about 12 years ago, four tangentials and three standard type holders with various rakes. They work well but need shims to adjust the height and won't take HSS blanks that are too long.

    The new tool holders are about as simple as you can get, just a short length of 16mm square black bar finished and with a slot cut the full length of the holder. No need to clamp the bit in place on the holder as the tool post does that.

    Simple to use just stick the holder in the tool post, insert the bit, adjust how much stick out you want and tighten the tool post bolts. The tool post bolts locate in the middle of the holder, thus the tool post bolts also lock the tool bit in place.

    I've made them so the bit is dead centre, so no more shims to adjust the height.

    I made two: One for 6mm bits the other for 1/4" bits. Later I'll probably make one for 8mm bits.

    It doesn't get any simpler than this and they work well.
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