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Thread: Lazer target for press drill

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    Lazer target for press drill

    Wanted to do this for some time.

    Add 2 lazers to my press drill for aiding drilling into materials where you can not center pop.

    eg plastic and wood.

    Ordered these 2 LINE lazers from ali Express. They are 5v.

    One gets attached 45Deg to the back of the chuck Rh side and the same Lh side.

    Lazer target for press drill-aa-lazer-rh.jpg Lazer target for press drill-aa-lazer-lh.jpg

    The blue is just some rubber grommet I used to hold the lazer in place while I glued them.
    I fitted some angle iron brackets with very tight fitting holes for the little lazers.

    It took some time to set them up as you have to be 100% vertically aligned to the drill axis. Easiest way I found was to fit a 300mm piece of 5 mm rod in the chuck and ensuring the lazer shon all the way down the side.Then once set up I glued them in place. You can see I had to take out the second securing screw because the whole bracket had to move just a tad. Now also glued in place.

    Lazer target for press drill-aa-lazers-1.jpg Lazer target for press drill-aa-lazers-.jpg

    I powered it from a 5v power pack.

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