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Thread: Lead hammer (lead cast to replace hide insert)

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    Lead hammer (lead cast to replace hide insert)

    Lead hammer (lead cast to replace hide insert)-21897803-d13f-466c-94a5-c090f769a99c.jpg

    Although it doesnít last very long, I prefer to use a lead hammer when for example, scrolling material thatís twisted, to avoid marring it. A wooden mallet is too light and a hide mallet smokes and smells, and a brass or copper hammer is too dense. The hammers depicted will last a few sessions though and the mushrooms are easily removed, far easier than a copper insert. Hide inserts are fairly durable, but drop out, which is why I have these.
    As you can see, I hope, I take a cheap holesaw blade, tighten up a hose clamp, in order to make a form in which to cast the lead. NB Donning leather jacket, leather apron, gauntlets and visor beforehand. Tuck feet beneath an open drawer in case a droplet penetrates jeans and disappears behind tongue of boot. Which has happened more than once.

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    Sourcing free lead (bring your own bucket)

    Thanks for sharing, Philip!

    Cheapo tip for free* lead alloy (app 2-3 % tin):
    Some forty years ago I had a need for lead, and a few dozens of kilos would suffice (I won't tell what for),
    so I fixed myself an improvised shovel from thin perforated steel plate with lotsa 4 mm holes in it.

    Brought that and a few empty 10 L paint cans to the local .22 cal shooting range,
    and (at a time it wasn't in its intended use) I dug thru the sand bullet trap (or whatever it's called in H M English).
    The low energies of these bullets gives you fairly shallow and easy work. Sand sifts thru - bullets stays in the shovel.
    15 minutes of labor and the filled cans couldn't even be budged (113 kg per 10L).
    Had to empty them out to 1/3, and they still weighed app 35 kilos apiece...
    Smart thing: .22 bullets don't have any jackets and the thin plating goes into the dross, giving you a clean pour.

    *Don't know if this practise is acceptable or allowed today, tho.
    I still haven't run out of lead, 40 years later.
    Filled a crushed tomato can last February to easily achieve a Q & D 4,4 kg point load weight for a colleague,
    instead of his suggested "Just turn away 55 % of this free cast iron block I brought you":

    Lead hammer (lead cast to replace hide insert)-4.4-kg-lead-can.jpg Lead hammer (lead cast to replace hide insert)-finished-point-load.jpg

    How to:
    Use a gas absorbing respirator and PPE as you already stated.
    Melt on a stovetop in an aluminium saucepan, though it takes some time and is tedious
    as the heat conductivity of lead is pretty bad, spoon out the dross and pour in mold/ into billets.

    Lead hammer (lead cast to replace hide insert)-lunchtime.jpg Lead hammer (lead cast to replace hide insert)-lead-melting-skillet.jpg

    Just my thruppence worth

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIYSwede View Post
    *Don't know if this practise is acceptable or allowed today, tho.
    LOL at the concept of harvesting lead from a shooting range...

    Here in the liberal paradise of Kalifornia I live in a relatively small but affluent city. The city has a very nice park on the bluffs overlooking the Pacific - a great place to relax, picnic, or just cool off. Some excavation for drainage revealed a few spent bullets in the dirt. Research revealed that, during WWII, the area was used as a rifle training range. The millenial snowflakes got so scared you would have thought they had discovered an unexploded nuke.

    The city, run by more uneducated snowflakes, promptly signed up for a clean-up that ultimately cost $14M they could ill afford. The park was closed for more than a year while they sanitized, purified, and blessed the dirt.

    Generations of city residents had used the park since the armistice with no reported cases of lead-poisoning. All they really needed to do was erect a few signs saying, "Do not eat the dirt, $1000 fine and loss of your facebook profile" and everything would have been fine.

    I wonder what they would do if I took a tiny sample of mercury, an element they fear almost as much as lead, to the city hall and told them I found it on the steps outside the building?
    Regards, Marv

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    Thanks Philip Davies! We've added your Lead Hammer to our Hammers category,
    as well as to your builder page: Philip Davies's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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