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Thread: Lid opening TOO far restrictor during LockDown

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    Lid opening TOO far restrictor during LockDown

    Lock Down is the time to do a few projects that there was never enough time for but thankfully you have all the bits lying around in some form of scrap of left overs from another job.

    so currently I am nearing the completion of such a project, but the other builders always display their projects in such splendor, all painted and all the knobs and locks fitted, I thought I will wait till the paint dries

    On thing I would like to share is the way I keep the lid from opening TOO far. Usually I would use a piece if very light duty chain and attach it to the lid and the body using some cup screws that I squeeze closed once the chain length has been optimised.

    I did not have any of this lying around, or I could not find it in the workshop

    So here comes the "Boer maak 'n Plan" like we say here in South Africa. And with a piece of "Blou Draad" (heavy gauge wire) and a pair of pliers anything is possible.

    I created 2 rind from the wire, One at the end of a +- 600 mm piece of this wire and one that I welded to a wood screw. the 2 eyes were then hooked into one another and a small tack ensured they are joined for life. A scrap piece of 40 x 40 x 3 angle iron was the drilled and slightly slotted to accept this wire on the one flat and 2 wood screw on the other flat. To leave me the ability to adjust the opening I used an ekectrical connector the same as when I lowered the lights in the workshop.

    And the after a lick of the old rattle can I was prepared to share my solution. Something I will use again especially where the chain lies where you do not want it once the door or lid is closed.

    This is open.

    Lid opening TOO far restrictor during LockDown-lid-stay-1.jpg and this is closed, neatly out of the way Lid opening TOO far restrictor during LockDown-lid-stay-2.jpg

    stay HOME and stay HEALTHY


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