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Thread: Machine dollie

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    Machine dollie

    I needed to be able to move a lathe in my garage and forklift had to lift it by swinging from forks unstead of getting under it. I made dollies out of scrap and was able to get it inside after power washing and cleaning it up after getting it home. I was able to buy it extremely cheap I think because it was almost unrecognizable under all the crud. Came out of a machine shop that really had no means to clean it like I did and it had probably had been written off years ago. I put all my heavy stuff in cradles to be able to move occasionally. I have never seen this machine run so I wanted to get it hooked up to see if it was going to join the family or get deported. Several years ago I built a rotary phase converter so I needed to get it close to power.
    I made the wheels low and used 1x1x1/8" to house long bolts made by welding all thread 5/8-11 all thread on one end and welding stop on the other end to clamp the wheels to the machine. Pics show what I did.
    I feel so bad that I did not make a video showing me cutting every piece and welding together but I am sure folks here will figure it out.

    I really like seeing the projects from so many talented people here. I have also included other pics of machine cradles I have been using for several years. My motto is build it cheaply but safely and use what you have if possible.j
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Machine dollie-straight-1-.jpg   Machine dollie-under-lathe.jpg   Machine dollie-mill.jpg   Machine dollie-several.jpg  

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    Thanks stillldoinit! We've added your Machine Dolly to our Storage and Organization category,
    as well as to your builder page: stillldoinit's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Good on you stilldoinit. I think most of us live by your motto.

    I'm a real hoarder, but may have to move soon=scarey. Been culling for more than a couple of years & still giving away, burning, selling, dumping sorting etc. Most of my gear is on mobile stands so I can access each. My RAS is an exception due to sensitivity so I have to work around it. My third shed, a converted concrete water tank, is almost empty & my second one has a kind of walkway through. I have to toughen up (i guess) & move more on: beware --it becomes an obsession: I almost sold my Leigh jig & the bits I just bought because a buyer of another jig asked about it=I had not even used it once. Can almost understand sufferers of bulimia now.LOL. TRUE!


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    The use of a dolly, on lighter weight machines, is far better than skates. Less jacking, lower CG, and correct dimensions make them 'fit' securely.
    This is another one I'll use.

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