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Thread: Making a Contact Wheel upgrade for my 2 x 72 Belt Grinder on a budget.

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    Making a Contact Wheel upgrade for my 2 x 72 Belt Grinder on a budget.

    A few years ago i made myself Dan Comeau's @DanCom excellent 2x72 belt grinder. It has served me very well since. However recently I have yearned for a little more versatility, especially the use of a contact wheel or various projects. Dan very kindly supplies his version which I am sure is great. However when I researched the 3000 machines out there, I found they used a slightly different approach which I thought might work for me too. Anyway, it turned out to be very cost effective: the steel used was from my scrap bin and the only real expense was the 10" contact wheel I got on Aliexpress for about 50 and the bearings which were another 10.

    The wheel I ordered can be found here:

    Hope this be of interest to some of you. Take good care.

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