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Thread: Making a fancy-shmancy chop saw station

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    Making a fancy-shmancy chop saw station


    So here I am in this little journey of life, and it seems I've just reared the corner into the part where your knees hurt. Like, all the dang time. And up until this point, young, spritely little me with his youthful knees thought it was all just fine and dandy to use his chop saw on the floor. Well I've learned my lesson, I won't stand for this anymore, I need a solution.

    Enter the extendable chop saw station! I've mounted my chop saw under the bench, and at the flick of a switch, it'll fold out and up, into just the perfect, knee-friendly, position.

    Thanks for watching!

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    That looks like an interesting design and it could be adopted to a number of tools. I have several that could benefit from such a mount.

    I have one doubt about the design. That motorized screw which looks like a hydraulic cylinder is positioned in a manner where it has a severe mechanical disadvantage. It may work at first, but with constant downward force on the saw table while operating the saw, I would fear that the pivots on each end of the screw mechanism will suffer an unusual amount of wear and the saw table will become somewhat loose or at least require constant adjustment. I would try to mount the fixed end of that cylinder lower so that the mechanical disadvantage is less.

    Another possible improvement may be to add a diagonal brace with a hinge in it's center. It could be self deploying when the saw is coming out and lock into position due to gravity. Then a simple solenoid that pulls upwards on the hinge point could be used to retract it a sufficient amount to allow the screw to continue that retraction.

    Just suggesting.

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    Paul A.

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