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Thread: Making a marking gauge

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    Making a marking gauge

    In this video I make a marking gauge from a 10mm steel rod, a 30mm steel hex bar, 5mm thick brass, some screws and a washer.

    For the cutting part of the marking gauge I used a normal washer that I've attached to a blot with two nuts and chucked it in a drill to sharpen it on a grinder. I then used stone to do the final sharpening. For the glue up I've just used regular 5 minute two part epoxy.

    Very useful tool for any woodworker, especially for those that use a lot of hand tools. It doesn't take a lot of time to make it and you pay a fraction of a cost of a new one.

    To tap the holes I've used a homemade tap wrench which is one of the most useful tools that I've ever made. I may make another one just to show how it's done if there is any interest in that.

    Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching.

    Build video:

    Making a marking gauge-s1140002.jpgMaking a marking gauge-s1140004.jpgMaking a marking gauge-s1140005.jpgMaking a marking gauge-s1140006.jpgMaking a marking gauge-s1140007.jpg

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    Thanks Garage workshop! I've added your Marking Gauge to our Marking Gauges category, as well as to your builder page: Garage workshop's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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