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Thread: Making a portable air sandblaster using air engine cleaning gun

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    Making a portable air sandblaster using air engine cleaning gun

    Today anader My Homemade useful Homeade tool !
    I don't know why before no one has thought of this Simple DIY Idea ???
    Enjoy !

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    Thanks Mr.DK DIY! We've added your Sandblaster to our Media Blasting category,
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    There are other designs out there.

    Pity the former oil tin isn't on the top of the air gun handpiece. Then it would be more balanced in the handgrip. Hey sounds like I'm criticizing,,its purely an observation. I made one using a similar Handpiece to be a mini sandblaster on Zinc gravity moulds making Tourist Souvenir Spoons. There was always some impurity in the Zinc that would erode part of the cavity or core. Sand OR grit blasting was the key. Only we had to strip the die-set each time. So I made a Mini blaster making a latex shroud to isolate each cavity or core from the other Spoon sets. Trial and error confirmed using an Erinmore Pipe Tabacco Additive Steel snap top Tin . The tin allowed a finite amount to just clean the surface, after I lightly polished off the impurity stuck to the offending surface. We could save Hours each time the corrosion build-up caused a poor surface,....that if allowed to be Chromed. The spoon would be visually a poor representation of Shiny Chrome. When I was chosen to leave when I became retrenched...Blow me if my Supervisor demanded I hand over my Mini Blaster. He coveted any thing I made to save time and Effort. He was so desperate to get it...he broke into my toolbox to "Look"after it for me. Id made it during my lunch breaks...but by him, still on company time. I had figured as Much. leaving one that had failed. I snatched it out of his hands watching him squirm. He was an evil little man. I forgot to add something I said a bit loudly attracting the other Toolmakers in our section...As I took out my 15lb Martelli. An Italian style or European style Flogging hammer my Dad had made when he came to Australia, post WWII.....I said,...Here's my stamp of approval...flattening it on the steel disassembly Bench with one mighty Blow. You You You You,,,he muttered as he slunk away. Toolmakers make stuff, its that simple. For the betterment of all. I won't have my Ideas or Intellectual property compromised. I was planning to give it to a Wunder Kind Toolmaking Apprentice before I left. He now owns and runs a Die-Casting & Zinc-casting works. I'd taken all my ideas home when I was notified of leaving. I went Fishing for 5 months and became a Prototype Maker...the forerunner of 3D Printing. In November this year, its my 50th Year in the Trade. Might retire in two years though. I'd make a junction point at the top and a fitting that would attach to the oil can and to the top of the handpiece. The Venturi effect is naturally the powder is dropping down. Some vent holes in the tube where the Venturi point is would be good too. I used a shortened snout. With some Tungsten at the tubes exit point. Pleased to say I still have it. It value add to my Laser welding of medical instruments I make & repair.

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