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Thread: Man eats concrete block - GIF

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    I knew a very charismatic guy that told me he had been a carny in his younger years. He was a glass eater... no problem with light bulbs, but car window glass gave him problems, because it was tempered. He confided that he had produced 9 children with 7 women, was married only once. Last time I saw him he told me he had gone to Salt Lake City for heart bypass. He spent several days in a motel post op after he left the hospital. While at the motel he talked a maid into helping him test his reconstructed heart. I told you he was charismatic. He once reached into his pocket and pulled out a small pocket knife. He opened the blade, and pointed out that it had been sharpened so many times that it was just half its original width. He said I wouldn't believe the number of elk that the knife had skinned out at 10 o'clock at night... said it would, probably, fill a semi trailer. He said the game warden knew he was poaching, but couldn't catch him. I have no reason to doubt his stories... his obituary pretty much confirmed his way with women. Wally was wild.
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    I would build anything with blocks that soft. Must have been a very old badly weathered block. Maybe a high heat damaged block, thay can get very fragile.

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    Just like mom used to make...

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