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Thread: Man escapes seconds before truck crushes booth - GIF

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    Man escapes seconds before truck crushes booth - GIF

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    He's lucky the guy came and told him to get out.

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    You're not kidding. Many years ago I took a buddy of mine to a police impound yard so he could get his belongings out of a car he totaled. Another friend and I were in front of the car looking at the damage. The guy in the car pokes his head out the window and says I'm going to see if it will start. I quickly told my other friend to step aside, I stepped the opposite way, as soon as we both moved the car took off and smashed into the car parked in the next row. We both had eyeballs the size off tennis balls. My friend on the opposite side says how the hell did you know it was going to do that, I didn't but the car was in drive when it wrecked and I have seen things out of whack between linkage and the safety switches. That happened 50 yrs. ago. Crazy stuff.

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    I'd be looking at that guy's wife's bank account for a large withdrawal in the last week or so!

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