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Thread: Manure cleaning robot - GIF and video

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    Manure cleaning robot - GIF and video

    Manure cleaning robot.

    2:53 video:


    Geo Metro gets shredded in manure spreader

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    No s**t, that's a good idea. (Unless you're the robot repair man.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by mklotz View Post
    No s**t, that's a good idea. (Unless you're the robot repair man.)
    Gloves. Very good gloves. And other PPE.

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    Just heard the cows out of the milk barn after the milking operation Use the 8N ford with a 6ft box blade to drag through a couple times then grab the 1" wash down hose then wash out the entire barn. Takes 1 maybe 2 guys or gals about an hour to clean a milk barn capable of a 400 head milking operation while 2 people are cleaning up the milking equipment.
    With this gizmo it will still take someone with a tractor to drag off the spoils after it dumps them and to clean it up once it has completed its job and you still have to hose out the barn no matter what because the gizmo is not going to be capable of removing the urine or any raised areas. The inspector is going to shut your operation down the first time he walks through if the barn is not washed our properly.
    So I don't see any time or labor savings just another expensive piece of kit to be constantly repaired.

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