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Thread: Marking door strike plate location - GIF

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    Marking door strike plate location - GIF

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    That works for me. I will try to remember this.

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    The pencil-transfer to paint is ok...remainder of vid is more door frame than strike plate. Someone should send him a subscription to a dating site for helper, or youtube of "Tripods; A-Z".
    I put one layer of light color masking tape on jamb, and HB lead pencil the bolt.

    PS; editing in.
    Just noticed, there's no demonstration of latching. Marking striker face won't indicate the back [straight] face and might not engage smoothly, with inadequate set back.
    Also might not be Mr. Finish-Carpenter to start with, chisel mark outline of plate look like claw hammer tips....
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    ...we'll learn more by wandering than searching...

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrickieDickie View Post
    That works for me.
    Did it work for him?
    The final test didn't make the cut!

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    I hate seeing "professionals" doing sloppy work like this. He even cammed-out the screwdriver bit at the end. But his work was done, and he was getting paid for it.

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    If they spent more time working and less time trying to make videos of their 1 handed abilities the quality of workmanship might improve
    Never try to tell me it can't be done
    When I have to paint I use KBS products

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    There's good stuff in this and like mentioned sloppy work. I have used this method. That little pencil marking would show nothing. He did it a few times.
    Easiest way to do a clean rebate is take a knife and cut the outline. You do that by screwing the plate to the jamb and cutting around the exterior. Then your dull chisel will not show itself so easily.

    No proof of the pudding leaves me suspect. Might not latch. And that is the entire idea in the first place. A little room depending on your season of installation is wise. At least in Canada winter means less humidity in most places. Except the West coast. So you have to think that through to. Been burned by that when I started out installing doors 30 years ago. Hundreds and hundreds of doors!

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