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Earth Brickmaking Press...

Earlier this year a friend prevailed upon me to build such a press. His son wished to build a "green" home in some native forest they owned.
Not impressed with his pix of various styles of machines, I decided to go with KISS, and so this was the design I came up with.
As it was to be built from my scrapheap, minimalist worked out well. The size of the bricks required was 220 x 220 x 130mm.
They came out at 9+ kgs. Bodybuilding stuff as the number required was in their thousands...

Apart from having to purchase the hydraulic valve, 2 x quick release couplings and 10 x M30 nuts, press was built from the scrapheap.
A friendly hose doctor donated the good used hoses.
Hydraulic power supplied from a pump driven from the mid-mount PTO on his Kubota tractor.

With 2 helpers feeding and stacking, productivity was around 60 per hour depending on the heat of the day.
The "home" has been built and I have been promised a video of the press making bricks, but...
Being 160 miles away, I'll wait...

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