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Thread: Metal roof panel forming machine - GIF

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    Wish I had one of those. I need a new roof!!

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    I watched a company down the street from where I worked build a new steel building and they hired an on-site roll forming outfit to come out and make continuous standing seam panels for their new building. It was about 60' or 70' from peak to eaves. The roll forming company brought a large box truck with the roll forming machine in it and a modified front loader to handle the rolled steel stock. There was a door at the front of the truck box where they loaded the steel rolls in. They aimed the back of the truck at the side of the building and formed each panel one at a time. They "grabbed" the end of each panel and lifted it up to the roof and pulled it into place as it was formed. Once it was in place and snapped to the previous section, several guys screwed it into place. It was a pretty slick operation. On a side note, about 2 years later we had a really bad wind storm with a few tornados in the area. About half of one side of the roof was peeled off in looooooong strips. The same company came out and replaced the damaged panels in a day.

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