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Thread: Metal or Wood Trimmer

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    Metal or Wood Trimmer

    I'm sending this pictures to illustrate my design of an Electric Trimmer using a small 1/4", 26,000 rpm, single speed Router. I'm able to control the speed by using a Router Speed Control which is only good for motors without adjustable speed. It uses carbide burrs and adjusting the height of the motor in its base or bracket, you can increase or decrease the amount taken from the part placed in the V aluminum guide.
    Temporarily, the base of the tool is wood bolted to one of my benches but the idea is to set-up the base directly to a bench top. My design is based on a model found in Youtube with very similar features except that the original used an aluminum bracket for the motor and I kept the one included with the router.
    Metal  or Wood Trimmer-burr-trimmer-1.jpg
    Metal  or Wood Trimmer-burr-trimmer-2.jpg
    Burrs used
    Metal  or Wood Trimmer-carbide-burr.jpg
    Metal  or Wood Trimmer-deburring-tool-electronic-speed-control.jpg
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    Thanks scrdmgl! We've added your Trimmer to our Rotary Tools category, as well as to your builder page: scrdmgl's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    That looks like it would work well chamfering edges consistently & accurately. Where did you obtain the aluminum Vee extrusion?

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