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Thread: Mill quill shaft nut

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    Mill quill shaft nut

    The quill shaft bearings went out on my Enck bench top mill last spring and somehow, I have forever lost 1 of the shaft nuts and the remaining one has some damage, so I had been trying to locate new one for quite some time now and hadn't had any luck finding a 1.173" 20TPI left hand thread.
    I can find 18TPI in right hand. But nothing that would screw onto my mill shaft. So I decided to just make my own for these I found a cylinder of mystery stainless Hacked a lump off of it turned it down bored it and threaded it then cut the spanner groves around the outside
    Mill quill shaft nut-img_20211210_162622mn.jpg
    Mill quill shaft nut-img_20211210_164501mn.jpg
    It's not perfect but once it is down inside the quill, I'm the only one who will remember it
    Mill quill shaft nut-img_20211213_103917mn.jpg

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