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Thread: Mini Lathe Tailstock Improvement

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    Mini Lathe Tailstock Improvement

    The adjusting method for lining up the tailstock to the spindle center is quite the knock around and
    hit or miss type of adjustment. It always seems to change when the clamp bolts are tightened.
    I added a push only adjustment block to the back of the tailstock. Now I can keep the bolts more
    than just snug and move the tailstock with the screws instead of tapping it. Works a lot better than
    the bump method. Just sneak up on the final setting with the clamping bolts fairly snug.

    Something I added previously is that 5" cast steel handle. It has enough weight to continue moving
    the quill after a good "push". Couple of pushes and she is home. Reduces the cranking on my arm!

    There is also a "stop" bolt to prevent the tailstock locking handle from over rotating. It just keeps
    it from opening too far. Rubber grommets cushion it when contacting the stop bolt.

    Cheers, JR
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Mini Lathe Tailstock Improvement-img_1471b-copy.jpg   Mini Lathe Tailstock Improvement-img_1472b-copy.jpg   Mini Lathe Tailstock Improvement-img_1473b-copy.jpg   Mini Lathe Tailstock Improvement-img_1474b-copy.jpg   Mini Lathe Tailstock Improvement-img_1475b-copy.jpg  

    Mini Lathe Tailstock Improvement-img_1476b-copy.jpg   Mini Lathe Tailstock Improvement-img_1477b-copy.jpg  

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    Thanks jjr2001! We've added your Lathe Tailstock Modifications to our Lathe Accessories category,
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