FREE Plans with Both Imperial & Metric Dimensions!!! Information Below.

The Women’s Health Resource Library or WHRL (local non-profit), runs our local “Incredible Edible Milbridge” program which consists of several vegetable gardens throughout the town of Milbridge, Maine (more info on this at ) and the produce grown is available free to anyone wishing to help themselves by picking it. It’s an all-volunteer effort, popular in our community and ever growing.

The largest garden in the program is called “The Market Garden” and The Red Barn Motel has been very gracious to allow this garden on their property. The garden is almost 15,000 square feet in size and features a garden/tool shed on site that was partially donated by the Home Depot in Ellsworth, Maine and erected by their employees who volunteered their time to do so.

The shed was made mostly of OSB (Oriented Strand Board) and after a few years, the doors and trim began to show signs of delamination, breakage, and was falling apart. I had some reclaimed wood on hand, taken out from demo on a building recently purchased by WHRL (to become their new headquarters). I ripped out the old doors and trim of the shed and fabricated new doors/trim and installed them on the shed using the reclaimed demo materials. I also used reclaimed hinges and a hasp as well.

This video shows the effort that took place and I’ve included a free plans/drawing for download as a pdf file for anyone interested. Even though your door dimensions may be different, you can use these plans as a guide, and simply change the dimensions to suit your requirements (if you like this style of door).

Link to the New Garden Shed Doors FREE PLANS download page here:

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