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Thread: New handle for an old screwdriver

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    New handle for an old screwdriver

    Several years ago the plastic handle of this screwdriver broke down; as steel was intact, I decided to take a try on repairing it.

    Similar to the technique used to turn lamp pedestals, two grooved segments of wood were glued with intermediate newspaper to be able to take them apart once turned. Then the wider segments of the cavity were carved. Finally, the screwdriver core was placed, and the two wood halves were glued.

    Here are some pics of the process:

    New handle for an old screwdriver-1.jpg

    New handle for an old screwdriver-2.jpg

    New handle for an old screwdriver-3.jpg

    New handle for an old screwdriver-4.jpg

    New handle for an old screwdriver-5.jpg

    New handle for an old screwdriver-6.jpg

    New handle for an old screwdriver-7.jpg

    New handle for an old screwdriver-8.jpg

    Regards, morsa.

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