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Thread: New Member - With Mill-Drill, ~5-Inch Emco Lathe, & 1911 10-Inch South Bend Lathe

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    New Member - With Mill-Drill, ~5-Inch Emco Lathe, & 1911 10-Inch South Bend Lathe

    Hello All,

    I just discovered this site and joined within a few minutes of looking around. I'm looking for good ideas for tools that I can build with my mill-drill & small (~5-inch) Emco lathe. I've also got a 1911 South Bend 10-inch lathe that needs replacement change gears, so I'm looking for ways to build the dividing head that I need & will fit on my mill-drill. I was told (by Rose, when she worked at LeBlond) that there is something different about the change gears on the really old South Bend lathes, but I have no idea what is different between today's "standard" change gears and the ones I need for my lathe -- does anybody have any ideas about the old gearing? I'll also need to make a form cutter to cut the gear teeth using a fly cutter, I guess, unless I get lucky on a gear cutter on something like eBay.



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    Hi Bob - welcome to

    Here's a good link for dividing head builds: Homemade Tools: divider -

    I'll move this discussion into our Tools in Progress subforum so you can get some ideas.

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