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Thread: Oddball Bench Vise Mount

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    Oddball Bench Vise Mount

    This is a strange one. I wanted a little bench vise in my electronics section of my garage. Sometimes I am bending little bits of copper, or doing work of that nature in conjunction with my electronics activities. So I'd have to get up, and go over to my bench vise in the metalworking section of my shop to do that. Doing that would break my mood, so to speak.

    To remedy that I decided I wanted a little bench vise right in my electronics work area. But the space is not conducive to mounting such. So I came up with this hair brained scheme. It really works pretty good for what I'm doing. I picked up the vise for $5 at a yard sale. I cleaned it up, and I made this arm mount for the vise to attach to the desk I use for my electronics bench.

    When I am not using it I can swing the vise out of the way. A custom solution to a unique situation. That is what making things for myself is all about. You can't get one of these at a big box store, or anywhere else.

    Oddball Bench Vise Mount-armvise2.jpgOddball Bench Vise Mount-armvise3.jpgOddball Bench Vise Mount-pict0046.jpg

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    Hola Pfred, realmente es algo molesto cuando uno está absorto en su trabajo cómodo en la mesa y tener que levantarse para ocupar otra herramienta que no puede trasladarse, coincido plenamente contigo, muy buena solución, felicitaciones.

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    Thanks pfredX1! We've added your Bench Vise Mount to our Vises category,
    as well as to your builder page: pfredX1's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    ...........! What region of the country are pipe jaw Colombian vises selling for 5 bucks?
    That's great solution; pondered similar case myself. Likely will replicate this; perhaps that will clamp rotation some, but same otherwise.

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