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Thread: Old hay knife that needed tlc.

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    Thumbs up Old hay knife that needed tlc.

    Rescued this hay knife from the junkyard when my son was cleaning up an old building site. Duh" I forget to take a picture of the knife before I started on it but it was all bent out of shape, kinda like I get once in awhile, oops did I just say that? Oh well the finished product is what I was after and it turned out pretty good anyway. The handles were bent pretty bad and the blade had a bend in it too. Turned a couple of oak handles on the lathe and added a couple of ferrules for the handles out of a spring I had laying around the shop. Taped off off the blade following the faint lines still left on the blade and stayed close to the same color that was originally on it. I just cannot leave a dull blade as is so I had to sharpen, it but it will never see the use that it did in the old days.
    Old hay knife that needed tlc.-hay-knife-002.jpg
    Old hay knife that needed tlc.-hay-knife-001.jpg

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