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Thread: Overloaded truck mayhem - GIF

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    Overloaded truck mayhem - GIF

    Overloaded truck mayhem. I like how he addresses the issue first by hanging from the front of the truck to try to weigh it down, and then by loading the front seat with rocks.


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    He had made it that far from somewhere. Even though his steering had to be squirrely, dicey, or dodgy which ever demographics you are from.. The thing that finally got him in real trouble was he had probably made several stops and start ups. His load became slightly loose and shifted to the rear. It wouldn't have needed to move much to kill off what little front end weight he had. I can just imagine the expression on the officer's face when he saw that pile of rocks in the front seat .
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    I saw a guy leaving the Lowe's parking lot a few years ago, with the back of his little compact hatchback. His front wheels were bouncing like that as he drove away. I would have followed just to see how things worked out, but I had work to do.

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