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Thread: Paint bungs

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    Paint bungs

    Hi All,

    Following on from my painting hangers I thought I would share how I prevent paint getting into bores. I find it hard enough to coat components at the best of times so this is a very annoying part of painting/spraying in stopping paint getting in places you don’t want it. Masking holes I also find difficult.

    One day I had loads of holes that needed to be masked so paint didn’t get in. A few weeks before I had been to a car boot sale (garage sell) and bought a wine/beer making kit, which I only wanted the bucket with the lid to house my pickling solution for silver soldering. Amongst the kit was some rubber corks which fitted a treat in the holes. As this was successful I have since acquired several different size corks as can be seen from the photo. The second photo shows the hub of a capstan wheel from my ring roller I am currently building using the corks to block the holes I don’t want the paint to cover.

    I hope this will be helpful to anyone who has had this issue and if anyone has any other good masking techniques I would be very keen to learn more.

    Paint bungs-bungs.jpg Paint bungs-hub.jpg

    Thank you for viewing.
    The Home Engineer.
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    Natural or poly corks are used by many industries, and are available through many sources. But the most I've seen are used in painting, and re-usable many times. The poly type are more tapered, small as 1/16", hence more diameter range.
    In lieu of stoppers, I've had decent performance from rolled news print, with top crimped.
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    I save those plastic plugs from every plumbing, hydraulic fitting, or replacement part I buy. I have several coffee cans full of them. Probably the most indispensable throw away item ever invented. I use them and reuse them over and over and cringe when ever I see someone step on one that has fallen to the ground. A customer thought I was nuts when I told him to take care removing them and to save them instead of tossing them in the trash until he tried to return a very expensive valve he bought that had the wrong porting and spool configuration the supplier wanted to charge him over a $1000.00 dollars. He said I'll be back in a couple of hours. rummaged through my stash and found some new looking identical plugs went back traded out the valve only a $25.00 restock fee. Now a believer for life, and I am no longer the nutty guy who saves plugs from the trash.
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