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Thread: Planemakerís floats

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    Planemakerís floats

    There was a post recently of a useful swivelling vice, which was holding a tapered rasp, or float, in its jaws.
    Here are floats Iíve made. If you do not have such a vice, see my next post.
    Planemakerís floats-9ccea1eb-842e-4526-8cf0-48e4a4f33520.jpg
    To make these, simply procure a rasp, preferably one for carbody repair, as shown above, and cut it into strips, using an angle grinder. Hope you can see this in the picture.
    This is easier if itís annealed, which you can do by resting it in a hot barbecue until itís cooled. Hardening is not so simple. Heating it to a cherry colour can be done in the next barbecue, but a cold water quench may well snap it. If itís breezy, the air will harden it sufficiently. I read that this was the method used in Toledo for their famous swords.
    Planemakerís floats-image.jpg
    The handle is from an umbrella.

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