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Thread: Plate forging fuller

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    Plate forging fuller

    Plate forging fuller-774667b9-90af-4007-a39f-d039c58f84d0.jpeg
    If I can obtain an old spade or shovel, I like to make it into a plate. Some have sold. (We are hoping to break into the market in Japan, since this seems to the sort of thing they like for tea time) Some we have kept. I particularly like this one, which looks as though it had been buried a while.
    Plate forging fuller-66a57721-50a4-437a-9314-ec0466afd2e4.jpeg
    My youngest is building a business as a food photographer and wants antique utensils, so I made him a couple of spoons, from steel forged from springs. They were old springs. But I think he would rather have nice cutlery.
    Plate forging fuller-b825b81b-4509-476d-a2b3-19c04f0952b4.jpeg
    The bar the fuller is made from is a shaft and was very difficult to bend, I put it in the vice and used a scaffolding tube. Then it was normalised. I welded a shank for the hardy hole. The angle wasn’t quite right and I had to cut it half through, heat it with oxy-acetylene and tap the arm round clockwise, the re-weld. Then two lugs were welded on, for each side of the bick. Again, a bit tricky to place correctly.

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