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Thread: PVC Plastic Pipe Joint Replacement Repair - DIY - No Special Tools

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    PVC Plastic Pipe Joint Replacement Repair - DIY - No Special Tools

    Great technique for replacing a broken or leaking elbow, joint, coupling, valve, ... in plastic pipe. Does not require any special tools (just hacksaw blade, screwdriver). Especially when you don't have a lot of pipe to work with and / or when redoing it all would be a headache.

    First he cuts across the bad part near where the pipe ends (inside the connection). He then cuts diagonally along the length being careful to cut only the outer collar and not down into the pipe. (Note that some plastic saw dust will get in to the pipes. This is unavoidable and you will have to clean it out of faucets, etc. around the house.)
    After that he puts a screwdriver in the cut and twists and pries it open (not scaring the pipe) and then peels off the rest of the collar by following it around the pipe. Again, making sure not to gouge the pipe. He then cleaned it up (file, sandpaper, whatever), tested the fit with the new part. Glued it up and put it in place. Like new.

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