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Thread: Quick and dirty no-spill container

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    Quick and dirty no-spill container

    No-spill containers can be constructed quickly from plastic water bottles. In the picture I used 8 oz. bottles. I cut the threads off the top and then cut the conical part of the bottle off. You can use a knife but you'll have much better control on this thin plastic with a fine circular saw blade mounted in a Dremel tool. The conical portion is then inverted into the bottle base and glued in place. Voila, a no-spill container.

    If you use this for cutting oil, you may be tempted to put a magnet into the bottle base before cementing the top in place. That will work but be forewarned that this means the bottle will attract swarf.

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    Magnets inside = chip salad outside. Easy to clean off but inconvenient. I'd suggest weights inside or bond a plate to bottom. Will hot glue bond that plastic or just melt it?

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