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Thread: Quick and easy 45 cuts on band saw

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    Quick and easy 45 cuts on band saw

    You finally got the fence on your band saw set to a perfect 90 degrees! Life is great! But now, you need to cut some 45's.

    Don't change that fence position! Simply clamp in a Fireball square (or in my case, a "tribute" to it) and your set! (ok, you'll have to loosen the one bolt on the moveable part of vise to clamp your work piece in but easy enough. 17mm in my case)

    A great way to give an existing tool a new purpose. And if you are feeling ambitious, you could make a few similar squares in other commonly used degree's. 22.5 might be a good one or whatever you might use a lot.

    Quick and easy 45 cuts on band saw-1.jpgQuick and easy 45 cuts on band saw-2.jpgQuick and easy 45 cuts on band saw-3.jpgQuick and easy 45 cuts on band saw-4.jpg

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