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Thread: Rapid road construction - GIF

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    Hard to believe they're hand floating or are they adding surface texture?

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    Texture is being added. It is already probably roller screeded.

    I'm amazed at the batch plant. Or multiple plants. This is not a little bit of concrete.

    I'm also in awe of the fact that in much of the USA you can make roads like this and they survive. In most of Canada we have frozen ground over the winter. On roads in the Prairie provinces you have frost that gets as deep as 8 to 10 feet. In Eastern Ontario where I live it is not as bad, but you have well over 100 freeze thaw cycles. Nothing busts up roads better than ice. Where I grew up in Manitoba there is a granite quarry. They used to blast the blocks out. Not they use holes and cooling rods and water. Ice is more effective and actually quite fast. Cracks out 40 ton blocks of hard granite without batting an eyelid. Ice busts up highways here in fairly short order. 10 to 15 years max and they require resurfacing.


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