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Thread: Real simple pond filter.

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    Real simple pond filter.

    My mom has a small in ground pond. 250 gals, maybe. She was trying to get it drained out today but her pump kept clogging up. I went over after I got home from work (her place is next door) and cleaned out the pump and I came up with this filter to keep it from plugging .

    As you can see... A 5lb. Folgers coffee can, a hose repair nipple and some window screen.
    I popped a hole in the bottom with a step drill so the repair bib would press fit in.
    I cut the screen a little bit bigger then the mouth of the jar.

    Cut the top out of the lid.

    And put the lid on with the screen underneath. A bit of heavy duct tape for insurance and we were good to go.
    The pump inlet hose screwed right onto the hose bib, I sunk the contraption in the pond and fired up the pump...
    Worked like a charm.
    Thanks for looking.

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    Great idea, easy AND cheap! Thanks for sharing....john

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    This is a great idea and wish I had seen this several years ago after we had a wildfire sweep through our residential area. We were dealing with 50 MPH gusts that blew cinders, parts of burnt down houses, tree branches and anything else that could be moved by the wind went into our backyard pool. We lost 32 homes immediately around us including our next door neighbor's. During the post-wildfire clean-up I had to pump all the water out of the pool before it could be cleaned and could have used your device.

    It is just a matter of when and not if the next wildfire will sweep through. We are much better prepared and the new building codes are very strict for creating a fire defensible structures. I also have the pool ready as a water source using auxiliary pumps and your pond filter idea would prove to be very useful.

    Thanks, Paul

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