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Thread: Replacement Garage door brackets

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    Replacement Garage door brackets

    Woke up this morning to a garage door that did not want to open. Fortunately I have a side door and upon investigation found the brackets had cracked and the door was dangling in mid air.

    Replacement Garage door brackets-broken.jpg

    Replacement Garage door brackets-cracked.jpg

    Crazy to make these from plastic, so check yours out.. if they are made from plastic replace them before they break. This could have been serious if somebody was standing under the door with the door open and this happened. Also could have been quite a pain to open the garage if you do not have another door into the garage. As luck would have it mine seriously deformed the channel in which it runs and I first had to pannel beat it before the door would start moving.

    Improvements I made was adding an extra hole a bit higher up to lessen the load on the existing Dynabolt. Need to go and buy them.

    Replacement Garage door brackets-compared.jpg

    And a little tab to secure the pin behind.

    Replacement Garage door brackets-fitted.jpg

    The process I used was to give the pipe about 4 x half turns, then raise the door by about 500mm. If you raise it any more it jumps into a bigger coil and a little to little and the force is just too big to get it to the next hole.

    Then another 4 x half turns and then finally the door right to the open position. Then if is the fine tuning between opening by itself and wify not able to open it.

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    Nice repair.

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