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Thread: Rotary telephone dialing hack - GIF

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    Rotary telephone dialing hack - GIF

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    Nothing new here. Hacks from kids of the '50s and '60s. And the O should be more at 4 o'clock for an American phone.

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    Back it the early 70's there was an article in Esquire Mag. about "The secret of the Blue box". It about these "Phone Freaks" who figured out to grab a trunk line and make calls around the world, by using this device called a blue box. It produced tones to trick the phone system into routing calls.
    I made one but could never get past grabbing the trunk. each number was a combination of two tones. I had gone down the street to a local Electonics shop and used the guy's O scope but never could solve the problem.

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    The "work around" from the bosses POV was to turn the dial all the way clockwise, then put the lock on the back side of the stop.Than way the dial couldn't unwind and the phone would not give a dial tone.

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