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Thread: Runaway tire nearly hits woman - GIF

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    Runaway tire nearly hits woman - GIF

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    That is one lucky lady. Did that guy just rotate his tires.

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    It was close to fifty years ago, I was at a store in NJ called Layfayett Electronics.
    I was looking at the bin of parts and had walked past and went to the next row, when what appeared to be in slow motion the front window (10'x12') shattered. When the dust settled there was a tire with a 3'+ piece of axel stuck into the show case I had been in front of only seconds before.
    Fast forward 25 years and I was coming back Mexico on my honeymoon with my new wife, we were on the interstate and it was rush hour, I was in the left lane and saw what appeared to be a large bird coming towards us, as it got closer I realized it was a tire! It was headed right towards us, so I pulled to the right and it took off the driver side mirror of my car and hit the car in back right square in the windshield.
    The good thing was there were no injuries.

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    Back in my billboard painting days I had that happen. Twice on the same billboard, first about 75 yards away and the second a couple months later and about 20 yards away. The last one on a different billboard just missed my work van by a couple feet and rolled up next the nearby railroad track. I went to look at it and it turned out to be a brand new mobile home tire. It just happened that I was in the market for one.

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    There's no driver seen in the truck... wonder where the wheel started from.

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    I was hauling a backhoe on a tri-axle trailer with a large dump truck back in the 80's. (It was a large one back then, compared to todays trucks not so much) I felt the truck shudder as I was entering the freeway, at first I thought something happened to the engine as it was not pulling as strong. As I looked back and saw dust and dirt flying in the mirrors. When I got pulled over, all 3 tires and wheels had come off the right side. The old clamp on style wheels. By the grace of God, I was in the right lane and there was only woods off to the side. Never did find the wheels. There was a big gash in the pavement from the trailer dragging along. The groove was there for years until they repaved.

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