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Thread: Sash clamps from library furniture

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    Sash clamps from library furniture

    Sash clamps from library furniture-000dd376-2c05-4abf-8f3e-cd85609e344e.jpg
    I thought that you might like to see some clamps I made from salvaged library furniture.
    The bars are the upstands, with slots for the shelving brackets, originally T-shaped, so I removed one leg, and cut down the other to make an L-shape. This is mild steel box section, the walls too thin to support a thread. So what I did, after drill a hole to tap, was to insert a dowel, and pour in molten lead. Have you ever tried to tap lead? Its a br! (This is a technical term meaning its difficult)
    Sash clamps from library furniture-4996f4ba-25c6-429e-afba-4530bfa60507.jpg
    Here you can see that the thread goes through the leg( an arm now). The head is a block of maple, to which are fixed two screws to run in a slot cut in the bar. The thread has a split pin through it ,with washers each side, running in a slot in the side of the head. The tommy bars are just mild steel bolts, salvaged from somewhere, the nuts are also epoxied on to the threaded rod.
    Sash clamps from library furniture-c763d4c9-bb5b-4518-818c-1fb8a4b26c87.jpg

    Sash clamps from library furniture-5c8d3d22-112d-42d9-9d5b-cd5e92d41ab3.jpg
    Here is the foot, which is the steel shelving bracket, which has three lugs, sandwiched between two pieces of maple.

    Sash clamps from library furniture-fe6cf971-7ed9-4cfa-98fd-89c7b8128df9.jpg

    I made 8. They have had a lot of use.

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    Thanks Philip Davies! We've added your Sash Clamps to our Clamps category,
    as well as to your builder page: Philip Davies's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Love the styling on the foot :-) Great idea...I might even have some of that shelf bracket laying about in my shop...

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