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Thread: Saw Stallions

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    Saw Stallions

    Saw Stallions-focf6u8higilx6p.large-copy.jpg

    I can't remember where I saw this but it has been on my to-do list for some time now. I had some (garbage picked) 2X8 and 2X4 material begging to be used, so I built the first of the set. I must say this thing screams functionality! It has plenty of clamping room, Bench dog holes, a "V" cut overhang on one side for drilling through holes and a quick saw cut as well as a squared vertical clamping place on the other end. It also has some storage underneath the main top that adds stability to the whole thing. It is very solid and sturdy. Not to mention Made from all 2X material, it is cheap enough to beat up without really caring too much!
    I didn't cut dadoes on this one or groove the sides, as it is made from older warped twisted wood. All joints are glued then screwed together. There are no screws going into the top either. They are glued and screwed in from the sides and with a couple hidden pocket holes. Its also low enough that you could clamp a carving vice to it comfortably.
    I didn't take pics of the actual build process because I wasn't planning on posting this, but now that it is here, I really like it and think others will enjoy it as well.. That being said, it is pretty easy to build and I also included a sketch-up model.
    Saw "Stallions" by SlickSqueegie - 3D Warehouse
    This glorified saw-horse is heavy, sturdy and square is excellent for a shop saw-horse.

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    Thanks MDWoodArt! I've added your Saw Stallion to our Woodworking category, as well as to your builder page: MDWoodArt's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    Way cool idea on the traditional 'horse'. I was about to make up some folding horses to take to jobsites, and now I'm going see if I can make this one collapsible! Off to Sketchup I go.....I'll share if it works. I LOVE Homemade tools!

    Jim in Aus

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