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Thread: Silver soldering toolmakers clamps

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    Silver soldering toolmakers clamps

    Hi All

    Not the most interesting of tools but very useful when silver soldering components (or soft soldering, Welding etc.) that otherwise would be difficult to hold or setup.

    The two clamps are made from mild steel and are very simple to make. The clamp head can be rotated as well as being raised or lowered with simple cranked hand tight locks, into the desired position to hold the workpiece.

    The last component I used the clamps for was a top hat plunger which was quite small, the clamp made the process very simple.

    Using both clamps I have supported larger components to complete soldered joints.

    The photos will hopefully help the description:

    Silver soldering toolmakers clamps-soldering-clamps.jpgTwo clamps on hearth.

    Silver soldering toolmakers clamps-clamp-holding-job.jpgSingle clamp holding fluxed components to be silver soldered

    Silver soldering toolmakers clamps-soldered-job.jpgCompleted job

    Silver soldering toolmakers clamps-soldered-joint.jpgSolder joint

    Silver soldering toolmakers clamps-finished-componet.jpgTop hat plunger cleaned up and finished.

    Thank you for viewing
    The Home Engineer

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