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Thread: Simple caddy for chop saw

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    Simple caddy for chop saw

    Made a simple caddy for my chop saw.
    Now its easier to move and store under the table.

    Casters are from old office chair.
    Axles we're with 10mm diameter.
    Drilled 20mm deep 9.8mm holes for them. Tight fit keeps them firmly on their position.

    Chop saws rubber feets lays on the grooves on the side bars.

    Left over 38 x 46mm plywood pole. Some board salvaged from old bed. Assembled with screws and glue.

    Simple caddy for chop saw-img_20171024_120652_313.jpg

    Simple caddy for chop saw-img_20171024_120652_312.jpg

    Simple caddy for chop saw-fb_img_1508842420994.jpg

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    Nice project. Should make handling and storing a chop sawmuch easier. Thanks for the idea.

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    great idea, however I found if your floor isn't smooth (like in an office) the plastic wheels eventually will crack & break. A rubber wheel caster will last much
    longer. The price of doing it better and doing it once at $3-$4 apiece may seem a better way to go. My experience has proved it to me. Anyway your idea
    using what you have was great. especially in a space confined area. Good Job

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