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Thread: Simple quick Tire bead spreaders

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    Simple quick Tire bead spreaders

    Living on a mesquite plantation as my wife calls it means frequent flat tires.
    Just a couple of weeks ago I had put new front tires on my 8 N Ford tractor the old tires were pretty much rotted away and even the rims were badly rusted and had holes rusted through around where the valve stem hole is. Even at that when I bought new tires I wanted them to be mounted tubeless. Which meant removing all of the rust and welding up the holes I even welded up the valve stem holes then ground ht ewelds and re drilled the holes then painted them with KBS rust seal paint
    Simple quick Tire bead spreaders-20170920_142227.jpg
    Simple quick Tire bead spreaders-20170920_114047.jpg
    I have been mowing a a couple of my fields that have a heavy infestation of mesquite trees that are mostly still small enough to chop up with the brush hog ,trees less than 6 ft tall are no match but old or new rubber tires are the prime recipients of the revenge of the dieing trees.
    So today with thorns still embedded i twas imperative that repair a flat
    After breaking the tire down and removing it from the rim I found that my regular tire spreader wouldn't get small enough for the 400 x 19 3 rib tire it being designed for truck tires
    I quickly grabbed a scrap piece of wood and headed for the band saw. cutting 2 pieces about 6 inches long then notching a small "V" in both ends.
    then inserted them between the ribs spreading them apart wide enough to get in there and clean the area to be patched A little over half an hour start to finish with 2 patches in place I was ready to hit the field again.
    Simple quick Tire bead spreaders-20171022_162816.jpg
    To me taking the time to go to a tire shop to fix a flat makes about as much sense as going to a DR to get a band-aid for a paper cut Although my first wife used to do that that frequently

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