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Thread: Sinking a ball with close to zero drag - GIF

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    Sinking a ball with close to zero drag - GIF

    Sinking a 2cm ball with close to zero drag compared to a bomb-shaped object.


    Bernoulli's principle demonstration - GIF
    Hydrodynamic levitation - GIF
    Dropping a feather and metal cube in a vacuum - GIF
    Newton's first law of motion demonstrated - GIF
    Levitating slinky - GIF

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    Wonder about the liquid used; glycerin or that stuff in helium leak testing? It looks viscous. Certain that might alter the rate.
    I thought bomb fins were to make the descent rate more predictable, coupling airspeed, altitude etc to analog bomb sight.
    Would enjoy comparisons of those to same diameter projectiles; spitzer, boat tail, reduced base, round nose.
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    I remember seeing this before, and if memory serves, it was just showing the near-zero-drag object formed essentially the same shape as the bomb, minus fins. I'd think that would be a good shape for a bomb, less likely to be affected by wind and able to attain the greatest possible speed. The bomb's fins deviate from that shape purposely to create drag at the back end of the bomb to stabilize it.

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