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    This is another item I used to supplement my income during the 1980s and provided some intrinsic value. I also enjoyed my hobby which kept me off the streets LOL.

    Based on a Macadamia nut cracker BONK (and not wanting to breach copyright), I changed the unit by using thicker and narrower f.m. steel, smaller diameter bolt, countersunk the base to hold the nut (later BONKs employed this I think). I also angled the top to about 80 deg and painted with red killrust which I later overpainted with flat black water based paint due to popular demand. Also I did not employ the rubber caps on the handle ends and instead slightly rounded over the handle winders' ends.

    When I first saw the Bonk, I immediately saw the usefullness as a small parts clamp or mobile vice for welding and glueing. Friends saw them and wanted one. When they asked what I called it = "its a RUNC". "What?" -"Ran's Unoriginal Nut Cracker and clamp".

    The one pictured was a "reject" due to daggy welding= strong but ugly, and so, after remaking another reject, I found the time taken was much the same as making a new one so kept 2 for my own use eg cramping small bits and bobs. I had other prototype designs including ones with different sized washers attached on the base (to hold the nut steady) but drilling with a 5/8" or 3/4" bit formed the best dibbit to hold Macdamias, brazil nuts, wallnuts, etc & didn't interfere with holding small parts.

    The only tools I used was a vice for holding the flat for drilling & bending & welding, some leverage tube (for bending the flat), a grinder & a stick welder with rods, chipper, wire brush etc.

    Shown here only with some of my latest crop of nuts.

    SMALL ITEM VICE & NUTCRACKER-rsz_dsc_1741.jpg SMALL ITEM VICE & NUTCRACKER-rsz_dsc_1742.jpg

    Hope this easy peasy unit inspires some.

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    Thanks ranald! We've added your Nutcracker to our Culinary category,
    as well as to your builder page: ranald's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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    If you sharpen the end of the thread to a blunt point, say 150, and locate it on the “button” of the Macca nut, the shell cracks cleaner and easier.

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