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Thread: Small Milling Machine Angel Eyes

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    Sounds like I made 'low-volt' imply under our common 120v single phase.
    A better description; User added power-feeds and some decent lights are 120, while DRO, optical readouts, other kinds of lighting have small individual [wall wart] transformers. That would be something like a Bridgeport. I'd attain that via small kv 440 to 120 buck transformer into a quad set of outlets. The outlet serving power feeds gets GFCI, the outlets for warts ground to box, bolted to machine, which naturally grounds through the 4th conductor along with spindle motor.

    The others have that stuff built-in. Standing by with megger, phase & rotation checker, and photo-tachometer for those. Added benefit, typical here at, improved vocabulary. This time SELV; generally accepted acronym, SELV stands for separated extra-low voltage (separated from earth). Certain electrical specifications vary how they define it, but idea remains.

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