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Thread: Solid mercury melting in water - GIF

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    Quote Originally Posted by NortonDommi View Post
    The result is that all you guys still have immune systems that are 18, 8 foot and bulletproof.
    Not quite. But not dead yet!

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    I thought it was because of my parents, not so much genetics, because they had little extra money to spend on medical needs. It had to be serious to warrant going to see a doctor. The every day scraps, bruises, sniffles, cold/flu and aches n pains, we learned not to even bring it up. Its not that they didn't care. Because of experiencing or exposure to mishaps and to many of natures microbes we developed a good immune system. That is my theory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hoosiersmoker View Post
    Mercury vapor is the real threat, inhalation and absorption into the system causing mercury poisoning and potentially death in high enough concentrations. If mercury isn't cleaned up quickly it starts to evaporate into small particles in the air making it easy to inhale. Broken fluorescent lamps can cause airborne mercury vapor too.
    Yup. This is what mercury looks like through an ultraviolet camera when exposed to the air:

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