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Thread: Sorting tray

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    Sorting tray

    Sorting tray-one.jpg
    An easy to make sheet metal tray for sorting nuts, screws etc, which also acts as a useful guide to slide the contents back into their container.

    Sorting tray-two.jpg
    Just like this!

    Sorting tray-three.jpg
    Or if you prefer to help the contents back into storage without spilling use a large funnel, this one is an open ended plastic cone which was intended as part of something or other to amuse kids in a $2 store. The reason for mentioning this is that kids toys and discount stores have lots of things which can be re-engineered for workshop use, you just have to think outside the square.

    Sorting tray-four.jpg
    And if you want to be a bit more fancy, close the tapered end to help keep things tidier.

    Start with a sheet of paper to fold up a model of what you want. A sheet metal folder helps a lot, but isn't essential. I used a spot welder to secure the folded over corners, after bending up the sides. If you look closely the bottom black tray uses aircraft rivets, but any kind of rivets would do as a substitute to spot welding.

    A very handy sorting tray, I've made several sizes and shapes and use mine all the time, and I've made lots of them for friends.


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    Gunna make me one of these, so useful, so simple, thanks bony

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    Nice build Bony and relatively simple. Like that your pointed out making a paper template and using inexpensive kids toys (re-engineered ;-D). Reminds me of a machine feeder and your short cover is a nice touch. My dad used aluminum/sheetmetal pie pans for years and I continue to. If you crimp a vee at one point on the circumference with duckbill's they become good pour spouts for parts and the diameter is big enough to sort through odds and sods by hand.

    Thanks Much!

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