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Thread: Steel security bars fabrication

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    Steel security bars fabrication

    This is something all of our shops need

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    Just a few words about your security bars. First off they are nice looking precision made bars.
    But having owned an ornamental iron company in the past. This is directed towards anyone thinking about possibly having security bars installed on their homes. Before you do check with your local Fire Marshal. Different municipalities have varying requirements and restrictions, and not every town serviced by A metropolitan fire department will have the same codes as well.
    One restriction that thankfully has become pretty much universal is the restriction of bars over bedroom windows. Any bars installed in those areas must have a fire marshal approved release mechanism which can be opened from inside of the bedroom as well as allow the Firemen a way to open from the outside in a minimum of time. Is may sound self defeating but the last thing you would want would be to have yourself or your child trapped behind a set of bars in a fire. There are some pretty ingenious locking devices readily available on the market many with 30 to 40 years of proven functionality.
    One other rule in many areas is the softball rule for any room where children sleep. This means that the bars must be close enough together to prevent a soft ball sized object from passing between them. this will insure that most children large enough to open a window cannot get their heads caught in the bars,
    Non sleeping and living areas such as out buildings and garages fall under a different category and generally have fewer restrictions.

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