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Thread: Straight flute gun drill - GIF

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    Straight flute gun drill - GIF

    Straight flute gun drill.


    Homemade button rifling press - video
    Naval gun rifling cutting bit - photo

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    These Gun drills are the exact same we use on hard wood , ebony, boxwood ... in woodwind instrument making.
    In this case we use compressed air instead of collant.
    I think I have a tool already showed here explaining my setup to do such boring operations and the copler I made to drive compressed air in the shaft.

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    Is there any benefit to this drill configuration (the cutter arrangement, not the cooling) beyond that it appears to be really good at clearing chips from a deep hole. That's a plenty good reason to use one in some situations, like I don't know, making a gun barrel bore. But I wonder if there are other ways it excels and might be useful. Any drawbacks? I assume it probably cuts less aggressively.

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    Supposedly the main advantage to a single cutting edge is that it does not have a tendency to wander sideways like a standard drill with two cutting edges.
    As long as the bore is straight, it can be reamed to final size later. I think originally they used a spoon type bit to drill out the bore. I find this kind of work on a lathe fascinating. Doing it by hand even more so.

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