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Thread: Strong 813 test socket

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    Strong 813 test socket

    Hi all!
    I built this socket from 12mm thick Teflon round rod. Screws are M3 stainless.
    The purpose is to have a strong, stable, accurate and well insulated test socket.
    I needed something able to resist to temperature and voltage, above all the socket have to keep locked the tube even in vertical position with no yielding.

    Material needed:

    - 1,5mm Teflon slice, 70mm dia
    - Heptagonal pattern
    - Spring contacts x7
    - M3x10mm screws and nuts x7


    - Lathe
    - table drill
    - Bits and basic equipment

    Strong 813 test socket-dsc02822_1600x1200.jpg Strong 813 test socket-dsc02823_1600x1200.jpg Strong 813 test socket-dsc02824_1600x1200.jpg

    Strong 813 test socket-dsc02825_1600x1200.jpg Strong 813 test socket-dsc02826_1600x1200.jpg Strong 813 test socket-dsc02828_1600x1200.jpg

    Strong 813 test socket-dsc02829_1600x1200.jpg Strong 813 test socket-dsc02830_1600x1200.jpg Strong 813 test socket-dsc02831_1600x1200.jpg

    Strong 813 test socket-dsc02832_1600x1200.jpg Strong 813 test socket-dsc02833_1600x1200.jpg Strong 813 test socket-dsc02834_1600x1200.jpg

    Strong 813 test socket-dsc02835_1600x1200.jpg

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    Thanks rendoman! We've added your Test Socket to our Electrical category,
    as well as to your builder page: rendoman's Homemade Tools. Your receipt:

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